Stanton County Police Blotter (Kansas)

Stanton County Sheriff Departments act as law enforcement agents, keeping order by stopping crimes and investigating reported criminal activity Stanton County, Kansas. Sheriff Departments keep detailed records on all of their actions, including arrest reports, and these activities are recorded in Stanton County police blotters. These police blotters list all Stanton County Sheriff Department arrests. Stanton County arrest reports include the name of the arrested person, the time and location of the crime, and the name of the arresting officer. Many also include the name of the victim or the person reporting the suspected crime, as well as the suspect's address and any jail bookings. Police blotters provide important information on local crimes, as well as a someone's criminal history, which can help perform a Stanton County background check. Sheriff Departments may also produce crime maps that show the location of criminal activity and arrests. These police blotter records are typically available to the public on the Sheriff Department website.

Stanton County Sheriffs Department / Stanton County Jail Johnson KS 208 North Chestnut Street 67855 620-492-6866